The minute you enter a Chargrill Charlie’s store you will know from our distinct rustic feel and homely service that we are different. Besides our shops and people, the real star is the food, from our famous chickens, roasts, salads and vegetables, to our ever-changing range of gourmet restaurant-quality casseroles, curries, stews, soups, homemade sauces, yummy desserts and our iconic health bread. All our food is home-cooked, just like mum makes it! We have always believed that to prepare the best food you must only use the best quality ingredients. So we only ever buy the best and the freshest, seasonal produce available. 



At the Sydney seaside suburb of Coogee, Chargrill Charlie’s tackled head on the reputation of the dirty charcoal based chook shop. It was here that we turned this simple takeaway concept into a cleaner, healthier, more appetising and gourmet food store, designed to replace home cooking.

30 years on and Chargrill Charlie’s is still proudly serving Australian families with our delicious homemade meals.



Everyone at Chargrill Charlie’s is part of our big extended family. Our staff have been with us for years and years and years and our customers have been with us for that long too! And that’s the way we like it. 



We were all about driving change and innovation in the way that Australians enjoyed a roast chicken. Our first mission was the enormous task of replacing the dirty charcoal with a cleaner, more environmentally friendly method, while not taking away from taste. We investigated all the commercial rotisseries and found that none were suitable, so we designed and engineered our patented ‘clean’ chicken rotisserie: the Radiant 2000.

The results were ground breaking, with no pollutants, no carcinogens and no cross contamination of cooked and raw chicken, thanks to the unique diagonal design. This also meant that chicken fat simply dropped onto the bottom tray and not on the row of chickens below, delivering a healthier, tastier and skinnier chicken.

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We put love and passion into all of the recipes we prepare for you. We source only the best seasonal vegetables and we have always, long before it was fashionable, bought only the very best, ethically produced meat and produce. Our intention has always been to produce the most amazing food by the simple act of buying the best and freshest produce available. Our long time customers know that, which is why they keep coming back.

At Chargrill Charlie’s we’ve always aimed to be the closest we can to providing the sort of meals that you would make at home. It’s that home style cooking, the nurturing food that we want to make for you. We understand that as a mother you don’t add kilos of butter to your home cooked meals, and we’re the same. All of our food uses clean cooking methods, there’s no odours or smoke and we’re very strict with our cooking procedures. We use very little oils or fats and we don’t need to. That’s the advantage of using only the best quality ingredients - you don’t need to do much to them make it taste good. 


Charlie's CHickens

Our chickens are the very best chooks you can buy. Long before it was fancy to buy sustainability raised chickens, free of chemicals and antibiotics, we were already doing it. We always bought the best produce we could and we know, when you start with a superior product you’re halfway there already! But to be fair, it’s the cooking process, which has revolutionised Chargrill Charlie’s. Our chickens are cooked without fat and without additives and they are truly, delicious.



To some degree whilst we’d love to give you a fixed menu, that will just never be possibility at Chargrill Charlie’s. We love our food too much, feel too passionate and get too excited about new ideas for food that we’ll never be able to settle down with just one menu. And we think that’s great for you. Even recipes we’ve used since the inception of Chargrill Charlie’s have been mixed up and swapped around so that they’re given a new lease of life.