It’s the most delicious and important day of the year. International Hamburger Day is here! That means its time to devour one of Chargrill Charlie’s famous burgers. 

To ensure everyone can enjoy a finger-licking creation, we are celebrating two days early! 

From open till close, whether you are looking for leisurely Sunday lunch or family dinner, Chargrill Charlie’s will be offering $5 Original Chicken and Classic Beef Burgers ALL DAY long on Sunday, May 26th. 

Head into any of Chargrill Charlie’s 12 locations in Sydney and Melbourne on Sunday, May 26th and have your choice of Charlie’s original burgers! 

Across all Chargrill Charlie’s Sydney and Melbourne locations, we only use the highest quality ethically raised chicken and the juiciest beef. 

All chicken breasts are grilled and marinated in lemon and herb sauce and cooked-to-order ensuring finger-licking perfection! Chargrill Charlie’s beef burgers are made with grass fed Aussie Angus beef, ground in-store every morning and hand pressed into burger patties. 

Decide ahead of time which burger to devour. Here is what’s on offer: 


A fresh milk bun with Chargrill Charlie’s famous secret sauce, Sliced Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes and a mouth-watering Aussie Angus beef patty. 


A fresh milk bun with crisp lettuce, hand sliced tomatoes, the highest quality, ethically raised chicken breast that’s been expertly marinated and grilled, topped with NYC mayonnaise. 

If you’re going to treat yourself to a burger why not go all out and throw in Chargrill Charlie’s famous chips and wedges - crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle. Who can resist?